We translate words that some people hardly understand in their own language.

Besides understanding English, French, German, Italian and all other languages, we speak the language of lawyers, doctors, financial experts and engineers, too. So our specialist translations are geared towards the needs of your company, your customers and service providers and indeed your whole industry. It goes without saying that our native-speaker translators not only have a thorough knowledge of all your industry-specific terms and expressions but are also sensitive to your preferred linguistic style. In addition to having excellent translation skills, they come from backgrounds in medicine, law or business. As an extra service, we offer transcreation for advertising and marketing purposes, where the emphasis is more on delivering your message creatively than on a word-for-word translation. Like you, we are all entirely professional. That is to say:
These are the criteria by which we work, and have been doing so successfully now for over 30 years, serving Swiss companies in every sector.

UGZ Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich GmbH
Sihlquai 253
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